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MOKKA aims and tasks

  • Developing innovative Risk Assessment methods
    1. biological, ecological and chemical early warning systems
    2. in situ measurement of site specific effects of chemicals
    3. testing partition, biodegradation, etc.
    4. in situ testing of environmental parameters, like redoxpotential and pH
  • Developing innovative Remediation technologies for Risk Reduction
    1. modern bio/eco-engineering methods for prevention and remediation
    2. in situ measurement and remediation methods
  • Control, verification and validation of the new methods
  • Better chance for Risk Based environmental management in Hungary
  • Making information available for a wider public through an electronic database
  • Co-operating with the relevant European projects (EUGRIS, EURODEMO, TESTNET, NICOLE, PROMOTE)
  • Collecting existing information on modern Decision Support Tools
  • Establishing a user friendly DST for the Hungarian and the European endusers
  • Increasing trust towards innovation
  • Supporting the market entry of innovative methods/technologies
  • Establishing the basis for continuation of the MOKKA database

    Risk Assesment and Risk Reduction methods to be developed in

    1. RA: Risk Assessment methods
    1. ecotoxicity tests and other bioassays
    2. refinement of transport modelling by partition, biodegradation, food chain
    3. integrated monitoring (integration of physico-chemical and biological methods)
    4. (biological) early warning systems
    5. new possibilities and use of physico-chemical analytical methods

    2. RR: Risk Reduction methods
    1. prevention
    2. soil and sediment remediation, mainly innovative, in situ bio- and ecotechnologies
    3. new methods in technology-monitoring of in situ remediation and NA
    4. new methods for the cost-benefit evaluation and SWOT analyses of the alternatives
    3. Methodology for the long term risk management
    4. Methodology and criteria setting for the verification of the RA and RR methods
    5. New Risk Management (RM) methods with DSTs and databases
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