Welcome to the MOKKA Project

Welcome to the MOKKA Project (Innovative engineering toolbox for risk based environmental management) bilingual (Hungarian, English) webpage!

The MOKKA webpage contains the publications, studies, case studies completed during the MOKKA Hungarian project and it includes the continuously growing MOKKA database established during the project.
After completion of the MOKKA project the MOKKA database continued to be developed in the frame of the ENFO (Dynamic information system for environmentally efficient and environment-conscious decision making) Hungarian project (mostly in Hungarian language).

The ENFO webpage extends the innovative engineering toolbox originally limited only to surface water, soil and groundwater in the MOKKA project, to all environmental elements (air, surface water and sediment, soil and ground water), and to the various environmental damages and problems such as noise and vibration, wastes, chemical substances and contaminated land. The extended database can be reached not only from the MOKKA webpage but also via the ENFO page. The developments of ENFO, such as the photo gallery, maps, E-courses belong to the ENFO page.

Within the H2020 SCALE project we developed a subpage for the „European Sc containing wastes and by-products database” hosted by ENFO and connected also with the MOKKA database.

Datasheets describing "Sc-containing wastes/by-products" were established in the SCALE project and are available in the MOKKA database under the "Datasheets" menu.

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